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TPE robot cable
TPE robot cable

TPE robot cable

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Connect cable used in different industrial fields, such as industrial robot manufacturing plant and machine tools, these cables are suitable for moderate mechanical stress, especially the friction, high flexible torsional stress, at the same time in the no load pull profit, can be freely bent movement. These cable can be used for structure and impossible the use of towline place, also can be used in low temperature, dry and very damp room and unprotected areas.


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Voltage: UL:300V
Maximum operating voltage: the maximum 350V
The test voltage U:1500V complies with the 1200V DIN VDE0472 core / shield
The torsion angle: up to + 270 degrees./0.5M
The minimum bending radius: high flexibility 12XD/ from 34 core 20XD
The use of temperature: UL DIN VDE
Fixed installation: as +800C -50/+900C
Mobile installation: as +800C -40/+900C
Flame retardant: UL VW1, IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-1-2
Excellent oil resistance: TM5 meets DIN VDE0281+HD21.1

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