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PUR Robot Control Shielded Cable
PUR Robot Control Shielded Cable

PUR Robot Control Shielded Cable

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The special structure design and material strengthens its wear resistance and bending resistance. Strengthened cotton rope inner layer greatly improves the service life and tension resistance of the product.

The special structure design enables the cable to prolong its service life under both torsional and bending stresses. The PUR sheath has oil resistance, microbial resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and has good torsional and bending resistance.

Product Description

PUR Robot Control Shielded Cable

Features:Torsion resistance,Wear-resisting,long life,


Minimum Bending Radius: Fixed Laying: 6 x Cable Outer Diameter

Mobile Installation: 7.5 x Cable Outer Diameter or Less

Temperature range: - 40 ~105 C

Oil resistance: excellent

Chemical Resistance: Excellent Performance of Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Solvent Resistance and Various Hydraulic Oils

Weather resistance: UV resistance, excellent sun aging performance, suitable for outdoor use.


This cable is specially designed for applications requiring high bending and continuous motion and is widely used in towing systems, robots and mobile drive systems. The advantages of the cable in the tow chain system are brought into full play due to its wear resistance, waterproof, anti-bacterial and flame retardant properties.


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